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Founded in 2020 in St. Sebastien, Spain, "Ancient Settlers" is a divergent Modern Melodic Death Metal band composed of five musicians. They draw inspiration from the recent tragedies that have affected human life and aim to explore the boundaries of modern melodic death metal, incorporating catchy guitar riffs, melodies, synths, keyboards, and various sounds and rhythms to develop their own musical identity.

Lyrically, the band delves into the impact of these recent tragedies on the Earth and the human race, spreading their message to those who are willing to listen. Throughout their relatively short career, Ancient Settlers have collaborated with renowned music producers such as Grammy winner Fredrik Nordstrom (In Flames, Opeth, Architects, Bring Me The Horizon, etc.), Daniel Cardoso (Angelus Apatrida, Noctem, Anneke Van Grisbergen, etc.), and Pedro J. Monge (Rise To Fall, Feelingless,Vhaldemar, etc.).

Recognizing the significance of impactful artwork, the band has worked with designers and illustrators like Gus "Perkele" Sazes (Angra, Kamelot, Gus G, Firewind, Arch Enemy, Morbid Angel) and Jon Toussas (Suicide Angels, Metal Hammer, Mors Principium Est, Nightrage, etc.).

In 2021, Ancient Settlers signed a multi-year contract with Australian metal label "Crusader Records"; which is part of the "Golden Robot Entertainment Group"; They have released two EPs, "Diamond Eyes" (2021) and "Transition" (2023), as well as one LP, "Our Last Eclipse – The Settlers Saga Pt." (2022). The LP reached the 75th position on the global metal album chart on, and all three singles were featured in editorial playlists on Apple Music, Deezer, and Tidal.

Currently, the band is working on a new EP and their second LP. In collaboration with Dronicon Films in 2022, they released a two-chapter animated sci-fi film series. The first video, "Library of Tears", was released on September 30th, and the second video, "Cast In Gold" was released on February 1st.

In terms of live performances, Ancient Settlers have embarked on three European tours: the "Autumnus Europe Tour" (France, Spain, Portugal), "Our Last Eclipse Europe Tour" (Spain, Portugal, France, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium), and the "Transition Europe Tour" (Spain, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic). They have shared the stage with bands such as Infected Rain, Defacing God, Amberian Dawn, Sirenia, 5 Rand, Lutharo, Elegant Weapons, among others at various venues and festivals across Europe.


- Diamond Eyes (Single). 2021.

- Autumnus (Ep). 2021

- Our Last Eclipse - The Settlers Saga Pt. 1 (Lp) 2022.

- Transition (Ep) 2023.

- Tales From The Earth (Ep) 2024.


Guitar: Carlos Chiesa-Estomba 

Drums: Herman Riera 

Voice: Argen Death

Bass: Miguel Herrera

Guitar: Agustin Martinez

Download - Presskit

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