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The Settlers - Bitacora

Settlers Squad Tour Life by Miguel Herrera (Bass Player): 

We usually work strongly to book the tour, sometimes with agencies and sometimes by our own. During the process we try to balance the distance across each venue and the days that we will be on the road. However, somedays we travel 2 hours, and other 12 hours... 

Once the tour is scheduled, we review in deep each city, and I personally check the other bands on social media, try to contact with them and try to establish a friendly relationship, to improve the experience, and also to help to promote the show.

Many times we stay in the venue after the show, with the other bands, or with those that we meet, share some beers, talk about metal music, laugh, and play some games... When the place close, we always look for a place to go for the last beer, and then usually we come back to the hotel.  

As you can imagine, there are many amazing histories that we keep from each show, and of course is not all fun... someone needs to drive, and someone needs to drop the backline, check and after the show take back to the truck. Of course, the best moment in the night is when we are all together on stage, for that reason we hope to see you in the road in 2024. 

More about: Miguel Herrera is a true melodic death metal fan, but also he enjoy Jazz and Blues music. Being his main influences bands like Dark Tranquility, In Flames, Machine Head or Children of Bodom. 

Bass set-up: 

- Fender presicion bass 60th 2011

- Ibanez Black Label BTB625EX BKF

- Tech 21 Sansamp RBI preamplifier

- MXR M 80 Bass DI plus

- Boss TU 3W Waza Floor Tuner.

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